About me

Hi, I’m Dr. Sandeep Singh!

  • ➤ Board Certified Non Invasive Cardiologist with over 25 years of experience
  • ➤ Labeled as the “Best Educator” during my time as Chief Medical Resident at the University of Massachusetts
  • ➤ Recognized as a Top Clinical Educator to Nurses at Orange Regional Medical Centre
  • ➤ I will train you to become comfortable and more knowledgeable on how best to care for acute cardiac patients
  • ➤ I will make you better at reading EKGs and interpreting cardiac testing
  • ➤ I have trained over 1000+ nurses, physicians, and medical students for success
  • ➤ Numerous individuals I've mentored have successfully progressed to become esteemed nursing leaders, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners specializing in cardiology